Al-Attarine Madrasa

The Al-Attarine Madrasa is a madrasa in Fes, Morocco built by the Marinid sultan Uthman II Abu Said in 1323-5.

It is located in the spiritual center of Fez, near the Mosque of al-Qarawiyyin. The madrasa’s location at the entrance to the spice and perfume market gives al-Attarine, the madrasa of the perfumers, its name.

The Al-Attarin madrasa, like the other Marinid madrasas of Fez, is celebrated for its rich decorative themes, concentrated in the rectangular arcaded courtyard. The courtyard opens onto a square prayer hall, and is luxuriously ornamented with glazed tile (zellij) dados and pavement, intricate carved stucco ornament on walls and piers, carved and painted wooden arches and cornices, and marble columns.

Al Attarine Madrasa in Fez, Morocco

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