Djemaa El Fna Square

Djemaa El Fna

Djemaa El Fna is a square and market place in Marrakesh’s Medina quarter (old city). It has been the main square in the city for decades. It is not just a tourist attraction since many locals also enjoy the activities that make Djemaa el Fna come alive.

During the day, the square has numerous stalls, most of which sell fresh fruit juice, water and fruit, with most of the square a big open space, in which a handful of snake charmers bewitch their cobras with flutes, medicine men (especially in the northeast of the square) display cures and nostrums, and tooth-pullers.

In the evening, snake charmers, fortune tellers, monkeys & musicians transform this city center into a medieval circus. Locals and tourists gather both during the day and night to have something to eat, shop or observe the various shows taking place.

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