Fondly known by locals simply as ‘Casa’, the capital of Morocco is the industrial, economic and cultural heart of this remarkable country, as well as its most cosmopolitan, liberal and progressive city.

While most visitors overlook Casablanca in favor of Morocco’s more popular and exotic tourist areas, this sprawling metropolis has plenty to offer the discerning traveler and has many hidden historical and cultural gems just waiting to be discovered.

The city is famous for its spectacular Art Deco and Moorish Revival architecture, constructed during the Colonial Period.

Explore the Old Medina, a tiny, ancient, walled village;

Visit the impressive King Hassan II Mosque;

Discover the ornate rooms, masterfully tiled floors and intricately carved wooden ceilings of the Hispanic-Moorish Mahkama du Pacha; or

Simply watch the world go by at one of the many ocean-view cafes along the waterfront boulevard.

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