Discovering Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca Morocco – a town that has been immortalized, thanks to a Hollywood classic, has a plethora of sights and sounds for any visitor to enjoy. Getting around this charming town is a breeze, as there are petite taxis (taxis that look like mini coops) and grand taxis (regular sized cars) to accommodate you, aside from reliable CTM buses. Traffic is this town can be a problem, so make sure to allot sufficient commuting time. If you are in the mood for some rail transport, trains are available at the Casa Port and Casa Voyageurs stations.

Casablanca Morocco offers a lot of accommodation options. However, last-minute bookings are something not really recommended, as this town does not run short of tourists and visitors, making almost all hotels and inns occupied most of the time. As for dining options, Casablanca also has a lot of restaurants, bars, and eateries that serve seafood, Moroccan cuisine, and even take-out. A notable establishment is one named Stella, which is an ice cream parlor that offers at least 30 flavors at any given time it is open.

Casablanca Morocco is blessed with buildings that display both colonial French architecture and Arabic styles. The art deco buildings include the Rialto Cinema, which has been standing since 1930, and the Villa des Arts. The Cathedral of Sacre C’ur’s interiors have been suffering from lack of proper maintenance, though its exterior still holds a distinct traditional Moroccan style. Arabic architecture enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the Medina, with its medieval fortifications, with the main square Place Mohamed V, with its colonial French buildings that are still used as administrative government offices. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Mosque of Hassan II, which was a gift for the King on his 60th birthday in 1993. It has a minaret that stands 175 meters tall, making it the world’s tallest religious edifice. There are guided tours specifically for non-Muslims.

Another attraction in Casablanca Morocco is the Quartier Habous, the town’s “new” section. Be dazzled with the buildings that display Arabic architecture and the luxuriant gardens in a Mediterranean style that surround the Royal Palace which has been around since the 1920s.

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