Fes Morocco Experience a Adventure

Fez or Fes Morocco is one of the imperial cities of the country. It is Morocco’s third largest town aside from Rabat and Casablanca. This town is divided into three unique divisions namely the walled city of Fes el Bali, Fes-Jdid which is the home of the Mellah, and the French-inspired Ville Nouvelle. The medina of Fes el Bali is believed to be the largest

urban car-free place in the world. Fez is situated along mountain of Atlas, so the seasonal climate varies from cool to hot in winter and summer respectively from the months of July to September. Your nights in Fez are always cool so do not forget to bring along jackets or cardigans.

Small food stalls are laid out on the streets offering exotic dishes. The stalls of Falafel are alternatively lined up with the stalls of kebab forming a version of the food courts found in the mall. Different delicacies including camel cuts and escargot are sold at different stalls. If you are into fruit diet or the vegetarian type, there are stalls offering fruits, fresh cheese, bread, and baked sweets and desserts. You get to enjoy a different blend of coffee and mint tea available for coffee lovers while gazing at other tourists spend their day in Fes Morocco. You can also have your dinner or meals at Dar El Ghalia where numerous salad dishes make a perfect appetizer for a mouth watering meal. Never leave Morocco without trying their national dish, lamb tagine. A roasted chicken seated on a pile of egg noodles will surely make you ask for more.

For your souvenirs, get yourself a leather suitcase first. You will need it after seeing all the things and crafts that you would like to have on different shopping stalls. The goods in Fes Morocco range from handcrafted leathers, Berber rugs, goods made of silver, and pottery products.

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