How Chefchaouen Morocco Tours Came About

The idea of this company came to life on a warm sunny spring day while a few friends were relaxing at a cafe sipping on mint tea and reminiscing about their travels through Morocco.

We were wondering if it was sipping “Whisky Marocain” while bargaining for handmade silk carpets at a women’s co-operative in Fez, being drawn in to the mesmerizing sound of the snake charmer’s flute in Jemaa el Fna, the melodic sound of adhan heard throughout the day, the hustle and bustle of the medieval alleys in the ancient cities, or the enchanting vibrant blue mountain side city of Chefchaouen that best captures the essence of Morocco.

After much discussion, we were certain that to truly get a sense of this exotic and alluring place, one must visit.  It was right then and there that we decided we needed to create a company to show others the magnificence of Morocco.

After many months of planning, Hassan and Katie decided to open Chefchaouen Morocco Tours to share their love of the country and help others discover its magic.  They founded the company for travelers looking to explore the country’s rich deep-routed culture, breathtaking architecture, exotic cuisine, diverse landscape and hospitable people.

Hassan is a native Moroccan with 18+ years’ experience in the tourism industry and speaks Arabic, French, Spanish, English, and Italian.  Hassan takes pride in treating customers with the utmost respect and meeting their every need while they are in his care.  His passion for sharing his country’s sites, customs and history are evident and will draw you in to explore this extraordinary place.

Katie is a world traveler based in America with 20+ years of business management experience.  As a professional coach, she is known for encouraging people to follow their passion and fulfill their dreams.  She believes that to experience true joy, one must travel and experience cultures, food, sights, and sounds of people from around the world.

Together they will create a tour that satisfies your sense of adventure and discovery, while creating memories to last a lifetime.

We have carefully selected a team of experienced local driver-guides who have professional tourist licenses, and speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. They will handle your transport, accommodations, meals, and local tours with the utmost of care.  Providing premium customer service and ensuring the safety of our guests is our top priority.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional tours where all of your senses are engaged, allowing you to take in all that this country has to offer.  Whether you are planning an extended holiday or just a short getaway, we will help you select an itinerary to create your very own Moroccan adventure.

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