Reasons To Visit Marzouka

Merzouga is a small Saharan village located in south-eastern Morocco, 35 kilometers from Moulay Ali Cherif, 50 kilometers from Erfoud, and 50 kilometers from the Algerian border, 562 km from Marrakech, 602 km from Rabat ( national capital), 667 km from Casablanca, and 669 km from Agadir (Atlantic coast).

Merzouga is renowned for its dunes, the highest in Morocco. The village adjoins indeed the largest erg of Morocco erg Chebbi.

Merzouga has become a tourist attraction pole of primary importance for this region of Morocco, allowing the development of a hotel industry, both locally and in the neighboring localities of Errachidia and Erfoud.

Merzouga has also been known by students from France and Europe for more than a decade to be the base for the famous student Raid, the Raid 4L Trophy, which installs its bivouac there with its some 1,200 cars each year.
The activities offered to tourists are camel trekking, bivouac in the desert, quad biking, and, in summer, arenotherapy (or sand bath) also called psammatotherapy.

The equilibrium of the Merzouga site is threatened by the anarchic construction of hotels, the tourist overcrowding and the development of “mechanical sports” (quad).

We forget the ecological impact of this hotel tourism by overuse of water resources and non-compliance with wastewater treatment rules.

Dunes of Merzouga

Ksar Bicha Hotel Merzouga [archive] At the gates of the desert, the Berber-style Ksar bicha Merzouga hotel is inspired by the local architecture of the Casbahs. It is the ideal base to discover the bewitching region of the Great South, Exceptional starting point to explore the oases, sand dunes, mines, Berber villages, palm groves and nomads, which make all the wealth of this region. The Hotel has double rooms with shared or separate beds, and triple and quadruple rooms. All have well-appointed bathrooms and hot water. They are carefully decorated in Berber style and all overlook a patio. The hotel also offers you the chance to experience the Sahara under the stars while sleeping on the magnificent Ksar terrace, which offers an unforgettable view of the oasis and dunes of Erg-Chebbi. An incentive to attend a memorable sunset. Ksar bicha hotel in Merzouga offers accommodation and restaurant, and also organization of bivouac and dinner in tents in the dunes of merzouga south Morocco.

Sand bath [archive] Sand baths are an ancient Berber technique for curing chronic diseases and diseases of the joints, muscles and tendons. One week to ten days will boost your immune system

When you arrive at Marzouka there are some places to visit, such as Maui Hamada

For the preparation of a sand bath, it is enough that an experienced person supervises the operation by digging a hole to measure the size of the patient with a depth generally not exceeding 20 cm. the hole remains open for half an hour to absorb a good amount of heat. The patient puts on underwear, and after anointing the body with a layer of rancid butter, extends into the hole. the supervisor covers the patient’s body with sand except for the head which must be kept out of the sun. The bath should not exceed ten minutes, sufficient time for the heat of the sand to produce strong sweating.

Randonnees Chamelieres [archive]; invites you to set off “off the beaten track” to discover different hidden corners in the Merzouga desert at the wheel of a 4 × 4 .quad vehicle or on the back of a dromedary for a camel ride on the route caravans for Timbuktu at a measured pace, which will give you a glimpse of the secret riches and the silence of the desert, in a space of serenity…