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The eclectic pulse and electrifying atmosphere that can be enjoyed throughout Morocco is largely captured through the brilliant colors and bold designs that are visible in every city.

The diverseness of the landscape and the intensity of the culture have been captured in many forms by artists and craftsmen. These can be found in the art galleries of Morocco, as well as in the country’s vibrant marketplaces.

Rabat Artisans

Moroccan culture & arts emerged through a wide set of influences including not only North African, Mediterranean, and French colonial sources but also pan-African, Indian, contemporary Italian, and Swedish design to create a style of living at once global and distinctively local.

The influence of the Berbers represents the oldest cornerstone. Berbers have lived in the deserts and mountains since prehistoric times and build morocco art and culture. Berber architecture includes the castles of red earth called Kasbahs from which the ruling families controlled the caravan routes across the Sahara desert and through the Atlas Mountains. Berber crafts feature colorful carpets and carved doors with geometric patterns.

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