Atlas Studios

Atlas Studios Entrance

Atlas Studios is a film studio located 5 kilometres west of the city of Ouarzazate in Morocco. Most of the property lies in the nearby desert and mountains. Many sets from the filming of various movies remain in place and, because of this, the studio also operates with guided tours.

Some of the biggest names in the cinema industry have stood inside the gates of Atlas Studios. It’s also the largest film studio in the world and it’s still extending as new movie sets are being built. Walking through the sets feels as if you’re traveling both in time and through different countries at the same time.

Morrocan entrepreneur Mohamed Belghmi recognised the need for a movie studio in the area in 1983. Since then, the place has been used as a shooting location for famous movies like GladiatorThe MummyGame of ThronesThe Passion of the ChristPrince of PersiaBabelAsteric & Obelix and many more.

Enormous sets have been built to represent places like Jerusalem, Tibet or ancient Egypt. And the best part is that they all remain!

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